Vancouver Executive Health and Corporate Health Clinic

The Most Extensive Executive Health Program Available.

Our Executive Health Program is uniquely tailored with today’s leadership in mind. Many of our executive clientele are the top performers of a hard-working, high-achieving “boomer” generation. We appreciate the impact that taking care of your health can have, not only on job performance and long-term corporate planning, but on your overall quality of life.

Women’s Wellness Program

Women’s Wellness Program: a customized assessment for women in various life stages from reproductive age, to the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal years. The goal is to identify medical concerns and problems early, when disease is most easily prevented and managed.

Complete Access to Resources

The False Creek Healthcare Centre provides access to over 60 physicians and surgeons in over a dozen specialities. Our Advanced Diagnostics Centre is available for further on-site diagnostic imaging. Executives can trust that a team of experts will provide a detailed evaluation of their unique health issues. If a medical issue is discovered while the Executive Health Assessment takes place, appointments can be scheduled immediately with specialists and/or diagnostics at the convenience of the executive.

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