Cardiac Health Program

Cardiac Health Program

For the first time in Canada, False Creek Healthcare Centre is offering a complete Cardiac Protection Plan.

False Creek Healthcare Centre provides access to world class cardiovascular expertise and technology. The Cardiac Protection Plan will assess your current cardiac condition, and recommend a protection plan to limit your risks for cardiovascular disease.

Why enroll in a Cardiology Preventive Plan?

This program has been developed for people with or without known heart disease who may or may not be aware (or require monitoring) of their risk factors including:

High Blood Cholesterol and Lipids
High Blood Pressure
Family History of heart disease

It has been well demonstrated by various studies that Cardiac Prevention has been able to significantly reduce heart attacks and strokes.1

Why wait for a cardiac event to happen? Preventative health care is the best way to ensure a long and happy life with your loved ones.

More on the Cardiac Protection Plan

1. References:

A clinical study which speaks of the merits of CCTA in diagnosis (with precise accuracy and definition) of coronary artery disease and determining risk for imminent (i.e. within 18 months) cardiac events.
A clinical study which speaks of the merits of CT calcium risk scoring in assessing risk of coronary artery disease and flagging potential coronary events.
A clinical study which shows the importance of stress testing to determine 6 year risk for a cardiac event.
A clinical study which shows the importance of screening for silent (or asymptomatic) coronary artery disease, which may need urgent treatment.
A review of clinical studies which indicates an echocardiogram’s value in the screening of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (a hidden heart defect, which is the number one killer by sudden cardiac death in the young).
A clinical study which speaks to the importance of Holter Monitoring in the screening of Sick Sinus Syndrome (chronic slowing of the heart rate, which when diagnosted early may explain fatigue – partiularly in the elderly.

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