Injury Employee Response

In addition to the Executive Health Services, we have developed an Injury Employee Response & Rehabilitation Services program.  The Executive Health and Employee programs are services which can be entirely covered by your existing company’s benefits program.  These services need not be restricted to management, but may also include other key employees as well as family members.

The Injured Worker Response and Rehabilitation:

  • Injured Worker Response Service
  • Immediate Access to Diagnostics, Treatment & Rehabilitation
  • Covered by Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) WorkSafe
  • Lower WCB Claims Cost – Faster Recovery

EmployeeFalse Creek Healthcare Centre has established partnerships to become British Columbia’s leading provider of comprehensive Occupational Health, Rehabilitation, Surgical, and Clinical Services.

Sharing the same values, vision, and ethical standards with our partners, we have established a program that offers comprehensive solutions for all Industrial and corporate needs. From treatment of minor injuries, to surgical needs, Diagnostics, Rehabilitation, and Assessments, our program offers all of the services and treatments with an expedited, seamless, collaborative approach.

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